The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush Performing and Visual Arts High School

The Arts Academy at Benjamin Rush Performing and Visual Arts High School

11081 Knights Rd.
Philadelphia , PA 19154

We are a Philadelphia public school district performing and visual arts high school located in Northeast Philadelphia. Our dance program has two tracks, one for beginners and one for advanced dancers. ALL PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION!

FIND OUT HOW TO APPY AT:, then click on Parents, then click on Voluntary Transfer.

The dance department at Rush Arts is a comprehensive college preparatory program aimed at preparing students for a life long career in the arts. Many careers integrate arts knowledge, so whether you choose to be in performance, education, administration, or business a creative mind is needed to compete in today's fast moving society.

Students study four dance content areas including, performance and technique, analyzing and critiquing, historical and cultural studies, and creating choreography. The four major technique forms learned are ballet (pointe), tap, jazz and modern. Through guest artists, readings and videos, students are given the opportunity to experience dance forms from all continents. When studying influential choreographers they are required to write about the meaning of the dance work utilizing critical thinking skills. In addition to this the students create, present, and teach their own choreography within class and for performance. All of these activities are designed to prepare the students for many aspects of a dance career.

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Denise Masters

Phone: 215-281-2603
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