Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet

Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet

6488 Woodcrest Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19151

'Crazy Rhythm, Fancy Feet' is a fun-filled dance and music program which celebrates America's diverse partner dance and music heritage. Included in the show are many styles of music and dance that originated in America such as swing, Charleston, tap, Appalachian clogging, Fred and Ginger style foxtrot, disco, waltz and a routine that mixes swing and hip hop. We have also included a few numbers that do not have their roots in America, such as salsa, samba and tango because these styles have become an important part of the American music and dance fabric

We have performed our programs at many venues such as schools and universities, libraries, museums and parks. The show is comprised of the incredibly versatile dance team of Bob Butryn and Eva Brothers performing to recorded music. Bob also plays sax, clarinet, flute and sings and performs hilarious skits and vocal duets with Eva. We have 20 different dance routines from which to choose, and the content and length of the show vary according to the audience and the allotted time.

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Bob Butryn

Phone: 215-477-0997, 267-205-7064
Fax: 215-477-0997
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